This Woman Gives Away A Secret Recipe For The Remedy Against Lung, Breast, Pancreatic, Prostate And Colon Cancer

Cancer is one disease that is on the rise and on a global scale. This rise gas led to an increased demand for treatment, the conventional chemotherapy treatment has been exposed as been ineffective and causing more harm than good to patients. This has led to more people seeking alternative remedies to the cancer problems.

In spite of being revealed as unsafe chemotherapy treatment is still being used, this is halfway in light of the fact that it is a cash spinner for extensive pharmaceutical companies and even the medicinal field.

The issue with the routine treatment of radiotherapy and chemotherapy is that, they obliterate both great and harmful cells, leaving the patient in a more awful off state than before the treatment and presented to various other sharp contaminations as their invulnerable framework is traded off.

A Natural Cancer Curing Remedy!

In Russia a scientist by the name of Cristo Mermersky has come up with a 100% natural remedy for curing cancer. This recipe has been used by a very large number of patient, running into thousands and with tremendous success rates. The amazing thing about the recipe is that the cancer is completely destroyed and never returns.

The remedy will help to destroy carcinogenic cells while boosting your immune system and cleansing your kidneys, liver and blood vessels. Your cerebral activity is also boosted and it is great for people with congenital heart problems.

Here’s what is required to make the recipe

  • Organic garlic cloves – 12
  • Organic lemon – 15
  • Organic walnuts – 400 grams
  • Wheat sprouts – 400 grams
  • Pure natural honey – 35 oz.

Preparation And Use

You first need to allow the wheat sprouts to germinate. You do this by placing it in a glass bowl filled with water and leaving it all night long.

After about 12 hours, strain the water.

Make sure the wheat and the walnuts are ground together.

You should then clean your garlic cloves.

Next, grind about five lemons with their peels and incorporate all the ingredients.

You should extract the juice from the remaining lemons and mix all the prepared mixtures until you have a smooth singular mixture.

Your honey should be added next, but always use a wooden spoon when adding your honey to help preserve the nutrients of the honey.

Refrigerate the recipe for a period of three days and it’s ready for consumption.

You should consume 2 tablespoons, every two hours in a day for best results.