Winter – Season For Catching Cold


Winter is season of frequent colds and infections of the respiratory system which happen more frequent to kids than adults. Even the babies are not immune.

The most frequent causes for infections of the respiratory system are viruses which spread through the air in tiny, invisible drops from the mouth and the nose from the affected of the disease into the surrounding.  During cold days more often we stay into closed rooms so the concentration of microorganisms is higher compared to hot days when we are more outside. That is the main reason why every baby or child is sick. The first symptom is runny nose.


Does sneezing means that the child has cold?

Sneezing doesn’t literally mean that the child is getting sick with cold. It the baby sneeze it doesn’t mean that is sick. In case of newborns sneezing may mean reaction to irritation for example bright light. Infants sneeze when they feel cold so if you don’t make him warm it may catch a cold.
What is the proper way to clean the secretion from baby’s nose?

In the first year you clean the nose rinsing with saline (0,9% regular salt dissolved into sterile water). Put the baby in a regular position for laying on a height that suits you (the best is around 80 cm). If the infant is older you need to hold it because it resist to anything you want to put into his nose. Be careful not to hurt it and to hold it tight. Put the solution into both nostrils. If the baby sneezes after that clean it with clean napkin. On the contrary try with a small nose pump.

The nose pump is used in that manner that you put one part into the baby’s nose and the other in your mouth and you pull. In the same way you clean and the other nostril. If the secretion is really thick first put the solution than wait for a couple of minutes and then clean it. Then rinse the pump with clean water and put it on a safe place. Do not put it in hot or boiling water because that plastic is not made for high temperatures and this kind of cleaning is not needed if you use it on the same child again. You may disinfect it putting it in clean water together with a pill that has high concentrate of active oxygen which is used for sterilization.

Is it allowed to clean the baby’s nose with ear pads?

Only on the outside. But this is not enough to clean the secretion from the inside.
Does the baby may take antibiotics if it has a runny nose?

Regular cold is usually provoked by viruses that are immune to antibiotics so it means that it is not needed for the baby to take this kind of medicaments. If you clean the nose regularly, the cold will pass after 7 days. Also there are nose drops for babies older than 6 months but they should be avoided. This nose drops may be used only if the doctor specifies. Cleaning the nose with solution is recommended for any age. If the secretion gets thicker and changes its color into light green it means that the illness is getting worse. Here an antibiotic therapy may be used but this is a thing that has to be seen and talked over with a doctor specialist. If there are complications it usually ends up with antibiotic therapy.