Thick eyebrows are a trend these days. That is why many women try different methods to get the desired shape, such as drawing or tattoo them. Maybe the biggest reason is that thick and well-defined eyebrows give a youthful appearance, while thin eyebrows give an old appearance.

Besides, thin eyebrows can be come about because of maturing, absence of supplements, the poor utilization of beauty care products, or because of therapeutic conditions, for example, hypothyroidism, dermatitis and alopecia. Additionally, chemotherapy, radiations or some other therapeutic medicines can bring about male pattern baldness.

Consider the possibility that it is conceivable to recapture your thick eyebrows by utilizing basic and characteristic cures. This is the manner by which you can accomplish it:


Sulfur in onion juice accelerates hair development and animates blood course in the region. Take a cut of new onion and rub it on the eyebrows for 5 minutes consistently. The outcomes will be obvious before long.

Here is another simple and effective recipe:

These are the needed ingredients:

  • 10 ml of castor oil
  • 10 ml of olive oil
  • 20 ml of onion juice
  • 20 ml of orange juice

How to prepare it?

Place the ingredients in a bowl and mix them. This is all you need to do. Then, place the bowl in the fridge. Apply the mixture directly to the base of eyebrows and leave it overnight. Do this every day for a month.

Castor oil is an effective ingredient that supports the hair growth of the eyebrows. Also, it can fight microorganisms in that area and because of the protein, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants in it, it aids porous follicle by stimulating hair growth.

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, and it can stimulate hair growth. It will maintain their healthy appearance.