Rubella – Mild Infection Which Is Very Dangerous For Pregnant Women

Rubella (or German measles) is mild infection which is very important for pregnant woman because it may cause abnormalities to the baby such as deafening, brain damages, heart defects, cataracts, spontaneous miscarriage and dead born child after pregnancy of 24 weeks. Group that is at high risk are women that will catch this infection in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. “Rubella titre” is one of the first tests that are taken right after the first visit to your gynecologist. This test checks the woman’s adequacy and immunity. If the results from this test which is taken in early pregnancy show that you are not immune usually it is recommended to pay visit to the doctor which follow you pregnancy and together with him to decide what you are going to do. This aims towards resistance on your immune system to the virus of rubella and potential further pregnancies. In some countries there is rubella vaccine. She is usually given to patients on their last day at hospital, before heading home. This vaccine may cause some negative effects which usually would appear to patients which already have this infection. Inflammation, fever,  itching, pain in ankles, swallowed lymph nodes. All of this symptoms may appear even after 1 to 3 weeks after taking this vaccine. However this is not contagious. Pregnancy should be avoided in the next 1 to 2 mounts after taking this vaccine. Rubella vaccine does not have an effect on breastfeeding.

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