Pregnant Women, Swimming And Sun-bathing – Perfect Trio

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Statements that claim that swimming is dangerous for pregnant women and that the sun may harm you during your pregnancy should stay as old ladies tales

You are free to go to the beach if you take some precautions.

Doctors recommend going to beach and swimming but of course you have to be careful for some things such as not to stay too long on the sun and not to enter the water abruptly. There are some things that pregnant women have to pay attention to when they go to the sea, river, lake or pool.
Swimming is one of the best exercises for pregnant women: the body doesn’t overheat and the ankles are not burdened. However it is very important to pay attention to the diseases which you might get infected through water. If you inhale, swallow or come in contact with contaminated water it may cause serious medical complications such as Escherichia coli, stomach viruses etc. Pools are considered to be the least safe especially on a day when there are too many people and they are not cleaned regularly.

This is the main reason why you should take a shower after every bathing and it is advised to change the swimming suit.

Follow your pregnancy and consult your doctor for every visit to the sea, lake, river or pool and sunbathing.

The water shouldn’t be too cold and you need to get used to its temperature before entering entirely. Jumping, water sports and similar exhibitions are not allowed.

What you need is easy swimming and relaxation.

Wear sandals specially made for water to avoid slipping or falling. During pregnancy the pigment melanin is changed so the skin gets darker. This is most visible on the stomach and nipples but be careful because some changes are permanent so don’t expose direct on the sun and use skin protectors with high protective factor.

As any other sensitive person you should avoid exposing on the sun in the period between 10 am and 4 pm. The best for you is to be in the shadow and well protected with skin cream.

In order to avoid nausea, tiredness or dizziness (than you have to stay in a dark room) wear clothes made from cotton, hat and always have water with you.

Eat fruits, frappes and ice.

Walk without slippers, cool your feet or just lay in a hammock.