If You Never Want To Suffer From Cancer, Then You Have To Do This!

Viktoria Semyonova is an expert in natural healing. With the world shared his recipe for cleaning the bowel.

For this recipe requires the following ingredients:

  • pound of beets
  • pound of carrots
  • handful of dried apricots
  • spoonful of honey
  • handful of raisins

It would be ideal if all the ingredients were grown organically.

Take a pound of cycles and the same fresh carrots. Vegetables finely
chop, then put in intact enamel pot. All of this pour the boiling water.

Add one handful of chopped dried apricots and a handful of raisins. Put everything in a pot on the fire to boil water. Then remove the pot from the heat. When everything is a little cool,
then add it to one tablespoon of honey and let stand for 12 hours in a cool and dry place. After that, the liquid squeeze and strain. The liquid you drink
and the rest can be used for culinary purposes.

This drink half a cup (1-1.5 dl) three times a day before each meal. Cleaning the house should last a month.

via www.homehealthysolutions.com