Mastitis Symptoms and Prevention of Getting Mastitis

Mastitis Symptoms and Prevention of Getting Mastitis

Mastitis is infection of the tissue of the woman’s breast. Often breast are exposed on bacteria that we may find on a normal human skin. However, bacteria easily may enter deeper into the skin because usually the skin tissue is damaged during breastfeeding. This infection creates extra fat on the tissue which may cause pain and swelling.

Mastitis Symptoms
Mastitis Symptoms

What may cause this infection?

  • Inflammation or damage on the nipples, even though it may appear even if there is no open wound.
  • Pressure on the milk ducts due to too tight bra
  • Not enough care for the breasts.

Mastitis symptoms:

  • Disproportion of the breasts
  • Small bulge on one of the breasts
  • Pain
  • Increased body temperature and symptoms similar to those on regular cold (nausea and vomiting), pain in muscles
  • Irritation
  • Increased secretion of secretion (pus)
  • Appearance of lymph nodes under the armpits
  • Decreased amount of milk
  • Changes in the milk quality.

What may help to cure mastitis?

  • Continue breastfeeding because this will eliminate extra milk and it will release you from the pain.
  • Put warm coating on the painful places or take a shower with warm water before breastfeeding
  • Eat healthy – this will help you to strengthen your immune system
  • Put cold coating between every breastfeeding in order to release from the pain
  • Change the position of the baby during breastfeeding. This will release you from extra milk in your breasts that cause you pain.
  • If the situation worsens, you should contact your doctor, maybe stop breastfeeding for a certain period or take some antibiotics.

Indicators that you need antibiotics:

  • Fewer
  • Feeling worse and worse during time
  • Breast inflammation
  • Heat
  • Swelling
  • Pain in lymph nodes
  • Nodes and bulges on the breast
  • Pain during breastfeeding

Prevention of getting mastitis:

  • Take good care of the hygiene during breastfeeding
  • After every breastfeeding check if all the milk is removed
  • Try breastfeeding equally from both breasts
  • Drink liquids often
  • Check if the baby’s mouth is clean before every breastfeeding
  • Remember the mastitis symptoms

Do not sleep on your stomach and not press your breasts on the mattress. Make sure that you release all the milk from your breasts because not doing so may cause stagnation in milk production. Also keeping milk in your breasts may cause pain and swelling of the breast.

Some mothers want to give up breastfeeding after certain amount of time due to difficulties that this process makes. The thing that they don’t know is the benefits from breastfeeding. That is why we strongly recommend breastfeeding.