Massage Your Baby – It Is Very Important

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Massage is one of the pleasures in life and scientists have discovered that massage may help babies grow and act better (even then ones that cry a lot). The touch of the baby’s skin helps the baby and the parents to communicate better – without saying a word! This is also a possibility for the father to get close with the baby.

Why it is needed to massage your newborn baby?

To help him breath more rhythmically. Newborns often have irregular breath rhythm, but because the skin is the biggest organ of the human body it is filled with nerves and massage may help.

To stimulate grow hormones. Pediatricians say that babies are masses that grow. This doesn’t mean that they only grow bigger but they grow in potential, physically, intellectually and emotionally. A study shows that premature born babies when massaged they have shown better results in growing (up to 53%) than the babies that weren’t massaged.

For building the capacity of the brain. Studies have shown that newborns that get extra touches have better neurological development. Because the brain grows the fastest during the first year this is the time when you need to give extra attention and touches to your baby.

For building of the immune system. Studies have shown that babies who get back massage by their mothers experience less cold and diarrhea. On the contrary if the baby is not getting the needed touches it has negative influence on the immune system. The touches help in secreting digestive hormones and it helps in more efficient work of the digestive system of the baby.

For stress release. Scientists believe that one of the main reasons for cramps is nerves overload. A baby who cries is suffering stress. Massage may help and decrease production of stress hormone – cortisol.