Fans Around A Fire Pit. The Results? Captivating….

I am sharing this video with you just to show you an amazing product which was created on the most incredible way using fire. For all of you who say that playing with fire is dangerous I will take the freedom to dement you.

I got this video in my inbox a few days ago and I couldn’t believe my eyes what I just witnessed so I called my co-workers so they will confirm to me that this is a real miracle (Just watch it to the end).

There is a technology based community stated in Severn, MD which is called Unallocated Space. This video is their property but is made public in order to be spread though the community. What this guys do is that they encourage young creative people to come in their offices and work on different projects such as crafts, IT, media etc. Also they make incredible projects, inventions and experiments which are good to see and know such as this one presented in the video.

Do not do this at home. I repeat – Do not do this at home! This people are trained for this and they do the experiment in safe environment and know how to react on sudden problems. Definitely we don’t encourage playing with fire in your personal space.

And now let’s enjoy the video and see what happens when you actually know how to “play” with fire.

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