Contractions – Confession On A Mother Of Three

Post 29

When I first become pregnant I asked myself what contractions look like? I asked my friends who already gave birth and the most common answer I got was that they are something similar to period pain. That is not that bad, I told myself.

Since then I gave birth for three times and I certainly must say that that description is not true at all. For me the beginning was like having period crams. The feeling is uncomfortable and painful but you can hold it. I felt strong pain in my abdomen the same as period pain. As the time for giving birth was getting closer and closer the pain intensified. Goodbye period pain! Hello to the feeling which it’s close to taking you organs out of your body like squeezing wet towel!

I felt lucky because there were pauses in between where I could gather strength for the next series of pain. Until I wasn’t open 7 cm I could function on the pauses. I could talk with my husband, the doctor and the nurses. I felt that I could handle this which was happening to my body. But unfortunately that feeling of control disappeared and my body took control. The feeling of knife stabbing spread from my abdomen and I felt that my whole body was in pain.  The pauses were rarer. The feeling is like nothing before. I won’t lie to you; it was more intensive than I thought. It was hard for me to find a comfortable position. Literally I wanted to go out of my skin.

The good news is that this phase doesn’t last for long. When the baby is born trust me (really trust me), when you see those eyes looking at you, you will forget any pain. Or you may try epidural or some other method to avoid the uncomfortable feeling.

Of course that this pain is different for every woman. A friend of mine agreed with the analogy of a wet towel. Another friend experienced fewer contractions and gave birth very easy. Third friend said that felt pain in the back and pressure for peeing.

My point is not to scare you. I hope that this will encourage and prepare you for the most exciting feeling in the world. Giving birth is a challenge but the pain is 100% worth it! You may be certain that your baby will prove this.