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The signs are already familiar: your baby keeps moaning and cramping while s/he is trying to poop, and nothing comes out – for days? According to all reason, this should mean that your little one is constipated, right? Well, according to experts, this is not always the case.

Most babies are usually expected to use from two to five diapers per day in their first year, however, there are also some babies that might have a few day period between two poopings, and most of the time the problem is not constipation, but it’s in how parents read these signs.

Babies don’t have the same bowel movements every day because their digestion is a changing process and some exertion while trying to go to the toilet is considered normal for babies, especially if solid food has been recently introduced to the baby’s menu

However, in certain instances, the reason for your baby having a hard stool or experiencing great troubles while going in their diaper might be constipation. Babies usually get constipated when there is a transition in their diet from breastfeeding to regular, milk-based or soy-based formula feeding, as well as a transition to regular food. Among the reasons that cause the constipation are milk allergies, routine changes as well as stressful events.

Constipation is a serious issue which should not be ignored because if acute constipation is not treated soon enough, it might become chronic at young age. But what parents need to realize is that sometimes when the baby shows signs of redness on their face and contracts its entire body while pooping, might also be a sign that your baby is withholding. This occurs when some babies remember the pain that that they felt the previous time they pooped and withhold their stool which eventually leads to a cyclic form of constipation.

Fortunately, it is easy to take action against this problem. One way to battle this issue is to prepare a mix of half water half fruit juice, for example prune, pear or apple juice, and feed the baby a spoon or two of this mix. If this doesn’t help, the experts suggest adding some barley malt or corn syrup in the baby’s food or drink, your pediatrician can recommend the best dosage for this mix and s/he could also help you monitor your results.  However, if apart from constipation you also observe a bloated stomach, weak appetite, no weight gain or blood in your baby’s stool, you should notify your doctor immediately because this could be a symptom of a more serious condition, such as birth defects or large feces that will require additional treatments