Cats Are Dangerous For Pregnant Women?

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Even though there is a belief that you have to get rid of your cat before bringing a new member in the family this is not true. Your pet may stay but there are some things that you have to know.

Cats, pregnant women and babies have lived together for centuries. Even now there isn’t a big change, but there are some precautions that you need to make.

The cat itself is not dangerous for the pregnant woman and they are very welcome in the home but its excrement may be dangerous.

Mothers usually are scared from toxoplasmosis, parasite infection which is related to cat feces, the soil or sand in which the cat leaves its feces.

If the pregnant woman gets toxoplasmosis (even after several months after becoming pregnant) it may lead to serious damages of the baby’s brain and eyes!

This disease is causing a parasite that may attack your cat if she eats it or if she comes in touch with contaminated soil. This disease is very rare for domestic cats which stay exclusively in the house.

However, you should constantly control and change the cat’s sand. If you are determined to keep the cat oblige somebody else to take care for it in the next nine months.

It the mother to be has to clean the sand than she has to wear a protective mask and rubber gloves. After finishing this she has to clean her hands. Be careful to clean and change the sand more often!

You may get infected even if the cat is in your surrounding for example in the yard or at kind’s playground. This is a reason plus to be more careful when you work on your garden. Wear gloves and whash your hands more often.

To calm your fears you may do a blood test just to check of you are immune to the disease. If you live with cats maybe you already had toxoplasmosis so in that case there is no need for worries. You want suffer it again and your baby would be safe.