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This Natural Recipe Will Make Your Facial Hair Disappear Forever

Almost every woman is struggling with unwanted hair on the face, especially the hair above the upper lip. Most women who encounter this problem immediately reached for depilation wax and thus solve the problem caused by the annoying hair. Fortunately there is a natural and effective solution to this problem. …

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Baking Soda Does Wonders With Your Skin And Hair

  Baking soda can do wonders for you, your health and beauty plus is very cheap and all of us have it at home but many people are not aware of this. Here is what for you may use it except for whitening your teeth. Skin peeling Mix baking soda …

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Why I Bleed Six Months After Giving Birth?

What might happened and what is the reason for bleeding six months after giving birth? Most women bleed after giving birth, and it doesn’t matter if that was caesarean section or not, and in average it lasts for six weeks. Some women bleed for four weeks and some up to …

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9 Advices For Beautiful And Healthy Pregnancy

A bit of make up and perfume may be perfect combination for you to feel beautiful. But are those products safe for you and your baby? According to a campaign for safe cosmetics a normal woman uses 12 different cosmetics daily. This means that every day the woman is exposed …

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Food That Is Not Recommended During Pregnancy

It is very important to have balanced diet especially during pregnancy. Most of the food is safe but there is something that you need to remove from your list. Find out which food is not recommended to be consumed during pregnancy. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals, healthy meals, control over the …

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Mastitis Symptoms and Prevention of Getting Mastitis

Mastitis prevention

Mastitis Symptoms and Prevention of Getting Mastitis Mastitis is infection of the tissue of the woman’s breast. Often breast are exposed on bacteria that we may find on a normal human skin. However, bacteria easily may enter deeper into the skin because usually the skin tissue is damaged during breastfeeding. …

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