The Baby And The Mountain

Are babies allowed to pass several days on a mountain with altitude more than 2000 meters? Experts answer It is not recommended for children to be at that altitude. Diluted and cold air which are normal for that altitude may be bad for the child. Yes, the air is clean …

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When Your Baby Is Premature

Today, there is a bigger chance for a successful recovery of a premature baby thanks to the constant improvement in medicine and better conditions at the infirmaries. Good chances A baby is considered premature if it was born before the 37th week, and any intensive medical care is necessary only …

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Routine Is Gold

If there’s one thing that babies want to know, is what follows next in their daily schedule. However, this does not mean that a strict regime should be kept, because as good as that regime could be for your baby, it could also eventually do more harm than good.  That …

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  The signs are already familiar: your baby keeps moaning and cramping while s/he is trying to poop, and nothing comes out – for days? According to all reason, this should mean that your little one is constipated, right? Well, according to experts, this is not always the case. Most …

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12 Advices For Novice Mothers

12 pieces of advice that will help you become a good and cheerful mother to your baby     Rest while your baby is resting. You need the same rest time that your baby needs. Take your baths together Wrap your baby closely. Babies like to be closely wrapped up …

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Winter – Season For Catching Cold

Winter is season of frequent colds and infections of the respiratory system which happen more frequent to kids than adults. Even the babies are not immune. The most frequent causes for infections of the respiratory system are viruses which spread through the air in tiny, invisible drops from the mouth …

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