Mother Gives Birth to 17 Babies at Once in USA

One American lady has crushed the previous World Record for the most infants in one pregnancy. A weekend ago in the Indianapolis Memorial Hospital she brought forth seventeen children in over 29 hours. Dr. Jack Morrow was one of the associates through the entire procedure. He said that it was …

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Should I Pick my Baby up When she Cries?

Crying is a baby’s way of communicating. Particularly in the early months, a baby cries when she’s hungry, cold, wet, tired, or wants to be held and played with. Between six and nine months, she may cry—particularly at night—because she doesn’t understand that her parents exist unless she sees them. …

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10 Hilarious Drawings That Perfectly Sum Up Life as a New Mom

Doodle Diary of a New Mom: An Illustrated Journey Through One Mommy’s First Year is a book by Lucy Scott which demonstrates the life of young and inexperienced mother. Scott has been storyboard artist for 10 years before having her first child. She also wanted to show her life as …

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Mothers Manual – Newborn’s Feces, Urine And Vomiting

Everything that you ever wanted to know for the babies and something more. Everything that came in it has to go out, but in babies world this saying gets new meaning. It may seem to you that the baby throes out more than it gets in and you will wonder …

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Babies And Jaundice

Pathological jaundice may show in the first 24 hours of the baby’s life, and main reasons for this disease are hemolytic disease, Crigler-Najjar syndrome, sepsis, hypoxia, hipoklikemija. Physiological jaundice may appear between second and fourth day of life and may last for 7-8 days. Babies that are born premature may …

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Massage Your Baby – It Is Very Important

Massage is one of the pleasures in life and scientists have discovered that massage may help babies grow and act better (even then ones that cry a lot). The touch of the baby’s skin helps the baby and the parents to communicate better – without saying a word! This is …

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