Amazing Shampoo Brilliant Vitamin Bomb For Your Scalp and Hair – Everybody Will Envy Your Shiny and Elastic Hair – HAIR WILL GROW LIKE CRAZY

Since the old circumstances, hair is image of womanliness and excellence all around the globe.

Sadly, these days because of the way toward treating hair with chemicals (shading, perm), warm with hair dryer, fortifying, blow dry, likewise pig tails and lacking consideration, the hair gets to be distinctly harmed, dry and think. As it were looks truly undesirable.

We are prescribing you this cleanser is anything but difficult to make and is 100 % proficient.

After few shampooing you will see the distinction. The hair will be more grounded, faultless and the male pattern baldness will be decreased. After month or two general use you will see new hair developing and expanded volume.

Needed ingredients:

  • 1 liter regular Nettle shampoo
  • 2 ampules vitamin B
  • 30 ml Nettle drops (one small bottle)
  • 30ml AD drops, water solution (one small bottle)
  • 50ml Castor oil
  • 100ml Pantenol (water solution)

How to prepare it:

You will need 750ml of nettle shampoo. In the bottle add the other ingredients.

This mixture is brilliant vitamin bomb for your scalp and your hair.

Nettle has the ability to speed up the peripheral circulation and blood supply into the scalp, this way all the metabolic processes are accelerated within the epidermis. This process helps all the ingredients from the shampoo to be quickly and effective absorbed.

Pantenol contains pantothenic acid that works on the proper function of the scalp and stimulation of regenerative processes.
Castor oil is great for strengthening of hair coticules. In addition it is rich with Vitamin E and ricinoleic acid.

Vitamin E is amazing antioxidant which prevents free radicals and its bed influences on the head skin and hair roots. Castor has regenerative and antifungal properties (destroys fungal infections responsible for appearance of dandruff). It acts protective, calming and healing on the scalp. The thick and sticky consistency removes dead skin cells, preventing them clog the hair follicle which would result in slower hair growth.

Vitamin B complex nourishes the hair and restore hair firmness.

AD drops, or more precisely vitamin A works on various physiological functions in the human body, what is important for the hair is the regenerative property which acts on the scalp.