5 Top Yoga Positions For Pregnant Women

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                  Balance, breathing and babies!

 When your stomach is growing it doesn’t mean that you should avoid the exercise matrices.

It’s been proven that continued practice of yoga during pregnancy is good not only for your body but as well for your baby!

According to some researches on the Meyo clinic, prenatal yoga helps with sleeping issues, reduces the stress and worries, increases power, flexibility and strength of the muscles which are most active during giving birth, relives pain in the lower part of the spine, decreases nausea, carpus syndrome, headache and short breath and as well decreases the risk of giving birth too early, helps with high blood pressure which is a result of the pregnancy and contractions of the uterus (which slows down the proper development of the fetus).

What you may expect from and ordinary yoga class? If you already have experience in yoga classes you already know the phrase “breathing on your stomach” now when you need to breathe for two this words mean even more.

Focusing on your breathing and to your inner is an integral part of the prenatal yoga. During these classes you would be told to breathe really slow and deep taking air only from your nose. During these classes you would master many techniques for breathing.

These techniques would help you with short breath and their managing as well as labor cramps.

Despite breathing, classes for prenatal yoga focus on easy stretching, poses and relaxation which will help you calm your mind, feed the body (and the baby), calm your soul and give new meaning to the term “child pose”. Here are some poses:Post 30-2

                                                                                           Warrior II

It increases the strength of the legs and the one of your upper part of the body with fine, subtle stretching of the inner part of the tights and hips. Inhale until you stretch your leg, put your arms over your head, exhale and at the same time put your knee at an angle of 90 degrees and put your hands on the side. Stay in this position while inhaling and exhaling for 5 times in a row and repeat this exercise 5 times.

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Cat’s/cow’s spine movement

   It stretches the muscles around the spine and torso and helps in leading the baby through the birth canal into a position for giving birth.

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Sitting with your arms crossed

It helps in improving blood circulation in the pelvis and reproductive organs as well as in relaxation of the hips and inner parts of the tights. Right after becoming pregnant, the woman naturally increases hormone relaxin that causes the ligament and muscles to be more flexible. This is why you don’t have to exaggerate with stretching especially in the hips and lower part of the spine. Focus on improving circulation, natural range of movements, deep breathing and mental well being.

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Legs on wall

With this exercise you improve the blood circulation in your legs as well as lymph circulation. It helps in the function of thyroid gland. It decreases pain in the spine and it shapes your figure. It improves insomnia and helps in the digestion. First put your head on a pillow and with this you will raise it over your pelvis than put your legs on the wall in such a way that your feet are facing the ceiling. Remain in this position for 5 minutes and then spread your legs like the letter V and remain in that position for another 5 minutes. Long laying on a flat foundation is contradict to with pregnancy and this is why this position creates pressure on vena cava and your urinary bladder. Still raising the upper part of the body decreases that risk and you benefit from this pose.

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Meditation decreases the blood pressure and it increases the level of oxygen of the mother and the baby. It decreases the stress symptoms, depression and postnatal depression. This exercise is very important during pregnancy. This is the best time of the life of every woman and making aware and careful of the motherhood gives deep appreciation of this process.