5 super powers of the pistachios

A few weeks eating pistachios reduces the bad cholesterol by 20% , for what is responsible the large amount of the antioxidant lutein which abound in these small green fruit.
These antioxidants prevent penetration of cholesterol in the blood vessels, and thus causing inflammation.

The pistachios are an excellent source of fiber.In just 100 g there are 10.3 g of dietary fiber that are crucial in speeding up the metabolism and facilitating the digestion problems.

Regulators of glucose in the blood

One cup of pistachios contains even 60% of the recommended daily intake of phosphorus. Besides the fact that this mineral breaks the proteins into amino acids, also the phosphorus improves the glucose tolerance.

The pistachios increase the sexual potency in men.

This is according to a study, during which is demonstrated that daily consumption of pistachios increases the sexual power of the men for 51%, for what are responsible the essential fatty acids. Namely, they help in the production of sex hormones and increase the blood flow in the genitalia.

The pistachios are the recorders among the nuts,according to a large amount of antioxidants that are crucial for the regeneration of body cells, and that is why they are called natural botox. Five to ten pistachios a day are recommended for combating wrinkles.

Tip: Given that 10 dk pistachios contain 542 calories, these snacks should be consumed in moderation.

via healthcorner365.org