12 Advices For Novice Mothers

12 pieces of advice that will help you become a good and cheerful mother to your baby




  1. Rest while your baby is resting. You need the same rest time that your baby needs.
  2. Take your baths together
  3. Wrap your baby closely. Babies like to be closely wrapped up to their fourth month because it gives them the sense of warmness they felt in their mother’s womb.
  4. If your baby has cramps, let your water run or turn on your hair drier or fan near your baby to calm it down.
  5. Prepare your diapers before going to bed which will save you changing time for when a diaper change is needed during the night.
  6. Keep a glass of water close at hand during breastfeeding – because breastfeeding can often cause thirst.
  7. You are aware that your baby needs a lot of love, attention and rest, however you should also be aware that you need those things too. There’s nothing wrong to leave your baby in the care of your spouse, your mother or sister, and use that time to take a nap, visit your hairdressers or have a massage.
  8. Washing your baby’s pacifiers and bottles with regular tap water is entirely OK, unless you are worried that the water in your home is polluted and unsanitary.
  9. Put your baby in a kangaroo baby carrier while you do your house chores. This movement is good for your baby and it gives him/her the sense of being in the security of your womb.
  10. While lying down, lay your baby on your chest. This would create a good feeling for the baby and it will help him develop, connect and stretch his/her neck muscles.
  11. Hold your baby under his armpits while his feet are gently touching the floor. The baby will love the feeling of trying to walk.

12. Put your baby in its crib while it still hasn’t fallen asleep. Let your baby drift away while lying in the crib. This will teach him to fall asleep independently, without being rocked or fed during the night.