10 Secrets of a Happy Childhood

Every parent wants her child to have happy childhood. But can you teach a child to be sunny as surely as you can teach him to play soccer or speak Spanish? Most scientists believe that the genes your child inherits at birth influence his happiness potential. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do plenty to make sure he gets the most joy out of life. Here, ten expert secrets to help you raise a child who is as happy as can be.

Happy Childhood
  1. Love your child

The first thing you need to do in order to be successful parent and you child to have happy childhood is to learn to love and accept the things as they are. As a parent you will feel that natural instinct and love but that is not enough. You need to accept the child as it is and celebrate for who it is. You constantly need to value and encourage its characteristics, talents, values, interests and opinions in order your child to have the opportunity to explore the world around him and both of you to be happy and satisfied.


  1. Believe in your child.

Believe in the abilities and desires of your child. Encourage him every time he feels down or he has been put down by someone. Tell him “Yes you can do it” and watch how hypnotizing those words would affect him. When your child knows that has your support and belief than it can do wonderful thing and you will be very proud. Mac Bledsoe, author of Parenting with Dignity (Alpha Books) says “It’s the ideas in a child’s head, what he says to himself, that matter most”.


  1. Make rules and stick to them

Set firm boundaries and rules for your children’s behavior and attitude. Say no when you have to but try not to be very strict. Make your children feel safe because they can be happy only if they are safe says Andy Spooner, M.D., director of general pediatrics at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis.


  1. Always we positive and happy

Learn your children to be positive and to believe in themselves. This is a helpful asset through life and you can be sure that they will grow up in successful and powerful personalities. Tell they that happiness is the key to everything and they always must seek joy and passion in everything what they do. Also teach them to be optimists and tell them that there is no problem which can’t be solved. But in order to achieve all this first you need to be in positive mood, cheerful and happy.

  1. Friendship

The most valuable thing which you can do for your children is to teach them how to be true friends, how to make friends and keep lasting relationships. Welcome their friends in your home and make team with them. Help them with everything they need and let them make their own decisions. Doing so helps your child maintain and nurture the bonds of friendship — a crucial skill since the ability to forge strong relationships is an important indicator of future happiness, says Liza Bonin, Ph.D., clinical psychologist at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.


  1. Engage them in physical activities

In this modern society the easy access to internet and computer makes children stay a lot at home in front of the TV or computer. This lack of physical activities leads to one serious problem and that is obesity. More and more children at the age between 5 and 15 are obese. This also causes problems such as low self esteem, depression, anxiety and serious heart diseases. Don’t let your kids be like that. Get them of the couch and take them in a park or amusement park or even your backyard. Teach them various sports and games which they can play with you or their friends or simply take them for a walk in the park or swim in the near lake or river. Teach them now to love nature and enjoy it. Then add some healthy snacks packed with vitamins and minerals and fibers. Also you always need to keep track what they eat at school or at home. Whenever you have time try to cook healthy meals and the most important thing is to teach them how to maintain balanced diet.


  1. Make memories

Your children experience new things every day. Try to make that experiences as memorable as you can. Take photos, buy them souvenirs from the places they visit, send them postcards when you are away. Make a diary a keep track of everything which reminds you and them of happy times. Be sure that they will thank you one day.


  1. Connect with your children

Find family activities or trips which are easy to be done and engage in them. Spend time with them, teach them how to ride a bike or swim or hike. Go shopping with them or just take them for regular walk in the park. Engage them in some kind or work around the house and teach them to be responsible for it.


  1. Coping with failure

Disappointments or failures will eventually happen. Don’t try to stop them or avoid them but deal with them. Give advises to your kids, be their support and don’t judge. Tell them that everything will be alright and encourage them to try again. Assure them that you got their back and encourage them to express their feeling. Teach them not to be shamed from their actions (of course it their actions don’t include actions punishable by the law or are immoral) and how to fight back a failure.


  1. Install a sense of wonder.

Teach your children to enjoy life. Help them develop spiritually, talk with them on serious topics, talk about things greater than them, talk about God and sacred things. Let them explore the world and connect with nature.

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